The Truth & lending ,Security and CFPB Lies. Growing up in America

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Don’t tell the working class…..

There are three classes in this country: The entitlement class who are paid to vote for the political elite to continue their entitlements. The political elite who are ruining the lives of the working class. The working class who are wage slaves who have no representation in the governance of the country. This year will […]

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Policy & Procedures…Say know more


The Village Green Property Owners Association, Incorporated is a corporation and not a knitting club. It has a responsibility to the property owners in Village Green. Are the policies and procedures followed in Village Green written down … or are they in the head of one 0f the board members? Is there discrimination when it […]

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We have to prosecute those politicians who are working against our country, NOW. We have congressmen and senators who are not working for the good of America – but have their own agenda. We must part the waves and send those who will not work for the good of the country and its people packing […]


Sarah Huckabee BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE After Reporters Tried to Gang Up on Her — Maine Republic Email Alert

July 31, 2017 admin Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an on-camera press briefing today where the main topic of discussion was the abrupt firing of Anthony Scaramucci, however, she had a different take on what is going on within the Trump administration. Huckabee Sanders was not able to give the reporters much more information than was released […]

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Looks like my back yard, big sink hole.

PASCO COUNTY- Fla (WFLA) – A Tampa Bay area contractor is now set to begin cleanup efforts at the site of the massive sinkhole in Land O’ Lakes that destroyed two homes on Ocean Pines Drive last month. County commissioners awarded Ceres Environmental Services with the contract Monday. Commissioners approved $640,099 to cover debris removal with…

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6% and a free Toaster Open a CD today

Before the financial crisis and the billions of dollars in corporate bailouts, and trillions more in central bank quantitative easing, the world of investing was simpler. Back then, markets moved in two directions, traders trusted their models, and hedge funds stacked with PhDs and top executives from well-respected bond trading houses were expected to make […]

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