Don’t tell the working class…..

There are three classes in this country: The entitlement class who are paid to vote for the political elite to continue their entitlements. The political elite who are ruining the lives of the working class. The working class who are wage slaves who have no representation in the governance of the country. This year will […]

via Government’s First Duty: Now and Then @NC_Renegade — The way I see things …


Author: sandra805

Who just WOKE UP to the greed and trickery that is destroying.Gods Children lives.I have believed there lies my whole life.DREAM.... BIG BAD BULLYS WHO ARE DESTROYING OUR CHILDREN THREW TRICKERY.You have forgotten your true identity.You have been Doctrine ed by Public education,religion and faulse news.3rd generation I Am. ....spiritual being warrior hear to save my fathers children.I FOLLOW MY FATHERS LAW THE LAW OF LOVE PEACE

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